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About Us

Thank you for checking out Priddis' hidden gem -
Waters Edge Pub & Cafe 

Nestled in a valley between Calgary and Bragg Creek, the hamlet of Priddis is truly at the footstep of the Rocky Mountains.

Founded in 1905 by Charlie Priddis, Priddis has long been a waypoint and a destination for people traveling and settling along the Alberta foothills.

With a rich culture developed from years of ranching, coal mining, and energy development, Priddis offers a unique sense of rural living while being within a short drive from the city making it a popular destination for photography, cycling, golfing, hiking, or simply day trips.


 About Tom & Brenda

Brenda & Tom came from Calgary,   Brenda is a true Foodie, her passion is trying new items and then making them her own.   With many years experience in the Food & Beverage industry for both Tom & Brenda it has shown in their menu and customer satisfaction.
Tom is very sports orientated and will chat you up on any given day with some fun facts or stats,   Come and challenge him.

We have had fun changing things in our restaurant, food, décor and different products.  Our Café and Restaurant now have a few little pieces of each of us in them.