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Whats Happening

Music Bingo

Happening on the first Saturday of every month from 6pm-10pm, join us for a night of laughs, prizes and musical recognition. The theme or genre switches every month so check facebook for what the next one will be. We run three rounds and award prizes for 'Four Corners', 'Straight Line', 'X' or a 'Black Out'. This is a family friendly event run by Kiss Productions.

Paint Night

Get your friends together or come and make some new ones, in just a couple hours you'll go from blank canvas to colorful masterpiece. You'll be in great hands with our master artist Emily, who will guide you through all the steps to follow, no experience necessary whatsoever! Tickets are $65 and include all supplies needed, get yours quick because they sell out fast. You'll even be able to take home your masterpiece the same day!

Next event: March 29th - 630pm
Move events to come

Check out this picture from our event in November: